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Best Small Christmas Trees – Christmas Mini Tree 2021

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Small Christmas Trees, Christmas Mini Tree Revolution! 2021

When I was young, most families had exactly one tree. There really weren’t any small Christmas trees, because we all believed the bigger the better. All the kids wanted a tree bigger than their parents thought would fit in their house quite well. No one had more than one tree. And all the trees were pretty much the same: once living trees that had been cut down and transported to a place where you bought them, put them in the car or tied up in some way, and then transported home.

They were all different shades of green and much the same, including about the same height, mostly averaging between 5 and 7 ½ feet tall,

The creativity came in decorating it. We all used ball decorations, various figurine decorations, ornaments the kids had made, maybe some silver tinsel, maybe strings of popcorn and the like. Of course they all had lights, and there was really only one type of lights behind them. Decorating a tree was a family affair and a lot of fun, but you really only did it once, because it was a lot of work and also required supervision.

No one had more than one tree; it was just too much work! But what if it were possible to have a cheap tree that lasts almost forever, one that fits almost anywhere, that’s super easy to set up, tear down and store, and that might even come with pre installed lights, maybe even decorations already on them? In that case you might have more than one!

Today, with small modern artificial Christmas trees, we have exactly what we have described. Convenient, cost effective, reusable small Christmas trees. Many families have more than one. They may have that natural tree as usual that festively decorates the family, and maybe another small artificial one or two. Maybe there’s one tree just for the kids, and maybe one in the front hall to greet visitors right away, and maybe even in the office? That is exactly what we have in many households today.

We personally have our main natural tree as described above. I also have a small Christmas tree (this one is purple) in my office to greet visitors, and we also have two small ones at home. The one in the front hall came from a swap shop, meaning it was free, and greeted visitors. We also have another that the kids consider theirs in their playroom.

Little Christmas Trees – Trees that fit anywhere and everywhere and spread holiday cheer far and wide

The Christmas tree is the traditional reminder of holiday cheer, but many of us live in smaller houses, condos or condos and may not have room for a large one. Or we may have room for a full size but may want more than one, perhaps a tree in the front hall, bedroom or our office.

We have a full size natural tree every year and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but we also have a number of smaller trees. These are often referred to as table Christmas trees, even though they are not always on tabletops! For many people, these smaller tabletop choices may be the only possible option.

We have one in the hallway where a large tree wouldn’t fit and I’m putting one in my office as well. These smaller trees of ours are artificial, but you could also use a natural tree. Even a potted plant, perhaps a topiary, bonsai or even a rubber tree works well too!

Most small trees today are artificial and many options are available. There are trees that look completely real, perhaps imitating a Monroe Pine or another popular variety, as well as silver, red, pink, green and other colored trees!

With a little imagination, you can get trees as small as six inches to perhaps 4 feet, perhaps the upper limit of a small tree. With all these possibilities there is no reason not to have a tree everywhere!

Small Christmas trees, choose a tree that fits everywhere, no matter how small your space

I like big trees and big decorations, but they are not equally practical for everyone. While it would be great to have a 15-foot tree festively decorated with hundreds of feet of light, pounds of tinsel, and hundreds of ornaments, it just isn’t practical for most people. Even a small four or five footer can be impractical in your apartment, your office, or even your home. For these and many more reasons, the small Christmas tree has become extremely popular.

Now a small tree can be of almost any type. It could be a natural tree or maybe the top part of a natural tree has been cut off. It could be artificial, maybe a natural looking one or maybe a silver, red, green or even pink. It could be a potted bonsai tree or perhaps a topiary. I’ve even seen one, made of driftwood, festively decorated and just radiating festive merriment.

Most small trees, also called table Christmas trees, although they are not always on table tops, are artificial today. Artificial means have several advantages, although they are not for everyone. There is no clutter or hassle; watering, dropping needles, fire hazard, removing a dead tree after the holidays, etc. But you don’t have that fresh tree smell. Tip: A natural wreath can provide that fresh pine scent instead.

Lack of space is never a limiting factor when it comes to revelry, although lack of imagination can be. Just think, “What would Santa do?”

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

If you are a style guy who is a bit bored with the traditional, then you may be interested in unique Christmas tree themes. Here are some unique suggestions for Christmas tree themes that are sure to be real conversation starters.

The Christmas Cocktail Party Tree

This Christmas tree theme will look great on both large and small trees. First, if your tree isn’t a pre-lit tree, try stringing it with a string of new lights instead of the usual egg-shaped lights. You can buy plastic lights shaped like Chinese Lanterns (for a 1950s feel), Chili Peppers (for that modern martini bar feel), and Pink Flamingos (for that Tikki cocktail party vibe.)

Then try decorating the tree with small cocktail umbrellas and multicolored cocktail sticks. If your tree is very large, you can also decorate it with plastic champagne glasses that you have glued sequins or glitter into. Miniature pralines filled with liqueur are also beautiful tree decorations.

The gingerbread tree

This most beautiful Christmas tree theme never goes out of style. It looks best on a green or red tree. Decorate it with gingerbread man cookies, red glass balls, tons of candy canes, red velvet bows
and homemade paper snowflake ornaments.

This tree looks great accented with a white or gold beaded garland or a bushy red or white tinsel garland. or a garland in icicle look. Top it off with a stuffed white or brown Christmas themed teddy bear.

The chocolate and gold tree

This is probably the trendiest of the Christmas tree themes described here. It looks great on a red artificial tree. The color scheme in this case is red, brown and gold. Little twinkling gold and red
lights look the best. Think of the eighties when you decorate this one. Decorate this tree with walnuts, pinecones and chocolates wrapped in foil. Gold coins are a nice touch. Then tie great translucent gold
and red ribbons, using the kind of ribbon with bendable wire at the ends of the trees. The final effect of this tree should be very lush and luscious.

The new baby boom

If you’re celebrating a child’s birth or a child’s first birthday, this is a great tree to honor how happy you are with the new arrival in your home. The suggested decorations look great on
any kind of tree, but you might consider buying a small blue or pink artificial tree. This is a good idea so that toddlers or babies in the area can’t get sanding needles. Also, if you buy pre-exposed artificial trees, you don’t have to worry about them tugging at lights and pulling the whole thing down. If you have a lot of toddlers around, you may want to opt for a small ceramic Christmas tree until they are old enough not to reach for decorations and Christmas tree branches.

Pink, mint green, lavender and blue frosted glass baubles look particularly beautiful on pink or blue artificial trees. You can also decorate these trees with baby toys, baby bottles filled with candy,
teddy bears, baby slippers and socks, pacifiers and wooden alphabet blocks. Small stuffed animals look great on this type of tree and a larger teddy bear or soft plush toy is a great tree topper. As the
baby is a girl you might want to consider covering the tree with a doll dressed as an angel.

The Peppermint Twist Tree

This most minimalistic Christmas tree theme looks fantastic on a bright white pre-lit artificial tree. The color scheme on this is red and white, but you can add a touch of green to the lights you have
rope around it. However, purists think it’s best to keep the whole thing red and white in all respects.

When it comes to the decorations, stick with red and white round glass balls. Red and white frosted glass spheres look much better than the conical ones. Also decorate the branches with as many red and white peppermint sticks as you can find. Also remember that you can also strip red or white baubles with white or red glitter by simply adding some glue in a striped shape to the bauble and rolling it in the glitter.

You can also accentuate this look with red and white ball shaped peppermint candies. A large lollipop with red and white stripes and surrounded by a sunburst bouquet of candy canes makes a great tree

The tree on the sea side

This most unusual Christmas tree theme looks best on artificial trees in aqua or light blue colors. However, it would also suit any tree with a coral color such as light orange or pink.

This tree is decorated with treasures from the sea, including shells, seahorses and ornaments made from aquarium decorations (treasure chests, coins and corals). Strings of pearls can be used as
a garland and new lights in the shape of shells or even fish can be strung to enhance the aquatic theme.

The snow and ice tree

This is one of the most unusual Christmas tree themes, as it is white and ice blue instead of the more familiar red and green. Decorate it first with a garland of new lights in the form of icicles or snowflakes. Your decorations should be made of clear plastic or crystal so that the tree appears to be dripping with frozen, glittering shapes. Instead of cotton slat, drape the tree with faux spider
fleeces or cotton chips to simulate branches that are heavy with snow. You can even tip this cotton onto the ends of the branch so it looks like it’s clumped there.

Your last step is to liberally spray the whole with flocking. Flocking is simulated snow that comes in an aerosol can. You can spray this stuff on just about any kind of tree, including artificial prelit Christmas trees and ceramic trees to make them look frostier.

This treatment is beautiful on a white artificial tree, but it also looks great on red, purple, blue or other artificial trees as all the white contrasts nicely with the original color of the tree.

Why we love small trees

When you think of trees, you probably think of large, soaring trees that are great for shade and tire swings, or the evergreen Christmas tree variety. Trees come in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of leaf shapes, colors and varieties. Some bloom, some give us fruit, but they all have a purpose. If you like trees but already have a lot in your yard, you might want a smaller one (or three) to add texture and color. Here are just a few of the great little trees out there.

The Paperback Maple is an interesting tree because the cinnamon-colored bark flakes off during the year. It adds dimension and texture as well as a conversation piece for your garden and this tree does great in all types of soil, although it does like well-draining soils nonetheless. Its mature height is somewhere between 20-35′ but it is still considered a small tree and since it is so undemanding what are you waiting for? This tree is great for people who live in zones 4-8 nationwide.

Ah, the Japanese maple. What can we say about this beautiful tree? It’s graceful, it’s colorful and it’s a beautiful addition to any garden. It even comes in several variants, such as howling and upright, so it can be taken just about anywhere. It’s a great little shade tree and at its most mature it won’t grow more than 30 feet tall and wide, and the lovely leaves! Such beautiful leaves. The Japanese maple does best in zones 5-8.

If you’re looking for a tree that has something to offer all year round, you’ve found it in the Washington Hawthorne. In late spring you will get beautiful white flowers. In summer you get the texture and color of dark green leaves and once fall hits you can expect red and orange leaves to adorn the branches. But then it’s not over, because deep in winter you can still see bunches of red berries against the graying sky. The only downside is that yes, it has thorns, but that’s a small price to pay for all that interest. This tree does best in zones 4-8.

The Eastern Redbud opens up spring with an explosion of pink flowers and is adaptable to a wide variety of soils. It’s great for yards in zones 4-9 and at full height it will only be about 30 feet. What a great way to decorate your garden!

Small Christmas Trees – Party Decorations for Everywhere

Christmas is a special time or year, and an important part of Christmas, alongside family and other loved ones, is certainly the Christmas tree. I love all kinds of trees, from living outdoor trees that are decorated, to natural indoor trees, potted plants and other trees, and I’ve even grown fond of artificial trees, something I didn’t understand in my childhood. While everyone had a full-size natural tree as a child, today that is simply less possible. Not only have their prices skyrocketed over the years, but a full-size tree takes up a lot of space. Fewer families have that extra space available, especially with so many people living in condos and condos. That’s just one reason for a small Christmas tree.

Another reason is that some of us like multiple trees. We have a natural one in the living room, a smaller one for the kids they consider “their” tree, and I have one in my office too. Visitors to my office always react positively to it!

There are four main types of smaller trees and they are all great in their own way. Which one is your favourite?

The first type is just a normal natural tree, but a smaller size. A 3 or 4 foot tree will fit in many places a bigger one can’t! Unfortunately, prices are often the same as a full-size one, though you can shop around. A natural one also needs water, only lasts a few weeks, loses needles and eventually dries out and becomes a fire hazard.

Another type is a properly decorated potted plant, be it a tree or any other type of plant. These can absolutely rock and be used year after year!

The third type is an artificial tree that looks realistic. There are so many to choose from that are almost indistinguishable from a natural one, and most guests will have no idea they are fake. And of course you can use it year after year without any problems.

The latter type is an artificial one that makes no attempt to look real. While the shape may be perfect, there are no pink, purple, red, or similar colored pines in the woods.

Great to be able to place a tree anywhere! With so many options for smaller trees, there is sure to be one you like!

Small Christmas trees that fit everywhere – Christmas trees on the table that bring Christmas joy everywhere

My aunt Battle Ax always gets a huge Christmas tree, usually a Monroe Pine that must be at least 3 feet high. It’s in the family room, a room with an obviously very high ceiling, and it takes a small army of men to cut it, move it, and then somehow secure it in its oversized tree stand. It’s impressive and you just can’t beat it for effect, but it’s not for everyone or everywhere. I could imagine trying to place it in my house – it should be on its side. And let’s forget to put it in my office.

Smaller trees are of course more popular, but judging by the average tree sold here, they seem to average about 5 to 7 feet in height. A smaller type of tree called a tabletop Christmas tree is becoming very popular because they fit anywhere.

A tabletop Christmas tree is just a small tree. It may or may not sit on a table. Some are natural trees, but artificial ones are very popular. Three to four and a half footers seem to be the most popular, and there are plenty of smaller options available as well. Ceramic trees, often 12 to 18 inches high, as well as potted bonsais are other popular options.

We have a small art table top, one in the front hall and one in my option. There’s no way a full-size one would fit in one of those places. By going for a tabletop tree, we can have a Christmas tree wherever we want!

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