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Best Christmas Wreath 2021

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Best Christmas Wreath 2021 with style

Decorating Christmas wreaths is one of the easiest and most popular holiday decorating ideas in use today. The tradition of decorating with wreaths began in ancient Greece and Rome. During the pagan new year, not only were decorative wreaths used in homes for health, but wreaths were made with various plants to represent status and skill when worn as a crown. Adaptations of original wreaths have become tradition during the Christmas season, but their origin could make Christmas wreaths even more attractive.

During the winter months in ancient Rome, evergreen branches were offered to neighbors as a sign of good health. The lush color of evergreens when most plants are dormant provided a visual reminder of strength during the winter months. Eventually these branches formed into rings as a sign of eternity or the cycle of life.

The basis of the Christmas wreath contains the tradition of goodwill and steadfastness. Because we like to embellish our traditions, Christmas wreaths have evolved into beautiful creations of color, texture and style that make Christmas wreaths a modern decoration for the holiday season. If you can’t find the perfect ready-made, consider learning how to make Christmas wreaths yourself to get the exact result you’re looking for.

Your choice of Christmas wreaths is all about style – yours! Are you elegant and traditional or modern and funky? The Christmas decoration style you already love in your home is a great place to find inspiration for Christmas wreaths. After all, a wreath on your front door offers your unique “Welcome” brand to visitors and an indoor one will appeal to you all season long.

Narrow your choices in half by first considering whether you prefer natural or artificial Christmas wreaths. If you like the idea of ​​a holiday tradition that will last for years or if you want to put in some effort to make a beautiful wreath (but only once), artificial Christmas wreaths are perfect for you. If the qualities of natural branches attract you for its fresh scent or if you enjoy the symbolism of evergreens that represent eternity and repel negativity – with a little Bayberry mixed for good luck and wealth – focus on natural wreaths.

Either way, you can make or discover your wreath by looking for decorating clues that suit you. Follow your decorating color scheme, select accent colors from your decor to highlight your wreath, or try monochromatic embellishments against the greenery. Go large or small depending on the space you have and remember, a nice variety of evergreens will add depth and texture to any size wreath.

For a traditional Christmas wreath, look for classic elements such as pinecones, berries, ribbon, and ornaments. Earthy styles can include apples, real or from the craft store, and an assortment of greens from your yard. Funky style may require one of these fun picks on Goodhousekeeping — a tie wreath for the newly retired, a cork wreath for a wine lover, or a cookie cutter wreath for a baker.

It doesn’t matter if your style is sophisticated or sophisticated, have this holiday fun as you hang your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations by finding or making a wreath that suits you. Have fun and make Christmas wreaths that make you happy!

Choosing the best wreath for your wedding decor

A wedding requires a tremendous amount of planning and research, whether it be the couple’s outfits, the catering for the special day, or the venue decorations. Wedding decoration plays a very important role in beautifying your special day. No wedding decor is complete without flowers. Flowers not only add an attractive touch to the view, but also add fragrance and have a romantic look.

Flowers are used in various ways for decoration, covering the walls, making the arch, decorating the altar, centerpieces and much more. Wreaths and streamers add beauty to the venue. The wreaths made of fresh flowers add elegance to the venue. Magnolia wreaths can be used for a garden-style wedding venue as they complement the theme perfectly and add sophistication to the decor.

Unleash the aura and marriage feeling

Choosing the best wreath for your wedding venue can become a tedious task if you don’t like a lot of creative thinking and analysis. Plus, there are so many other things to take care of for the wedding preparation; the decor shouldn’t be much of a problem. Magnolia wreaths are a very suitable option to choose as they go with any kind of floral decoration and beautify the place. Whether it’s a botanical wedding or a beachside affair; these magnolia wreaths are sure to grab the attention of all those attending the wedding.

A warm winter wedding

If you are having a warm winter wedding, Christmas wreaths are a very good option. They give a perfect winter touch to the place and give the warmth and romantic feeling with their heartfelt color scheme and designs. Christmas wreaths are a great idea for a wedding as the combination of red and green; the ultimate Christmas combo goes perfectly with the bride’s gorgeous white outfit. Moreover, these Christmas wreaths are known to bring good luck on the auspicious occasion.

A perfect match!

Wreaths look beautiful at the entrance. A giant one at the wedding entrance gives it an attractive look and a more welcoming feel to the guests. Different door wreaths are available in different colors and different flowers and greens. It’s not very difficult to find the perfect one for your wedding venue, as attractive door wreaths can be purchased from Whole Blossoms at very reasonable prices. These door wreaths made of small fresh flowers woven together make the decoration so elegant and add to the perfection of the special day.

Add to the beauty of the location

Wreaths are a perfect combination of leaves, twigs and flowers that are connected in such a way that they make the location even more beautiful and eye-catching! Be it the leafy magnolia wreaths or the one made of pastel roses; these wreaths will keep guests gazing at their beauty wherever they are placed.

7 Easy Steps to Make Awesome Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are decorative round flower garlands that can be hung around a room door, entrance or ensemble around inanimate objects. Their festive look greets big parties and festivals with warmth. Fresh Christmas wreaths can be used as:

  • Decorative pieces for weddings or other events
  • Furniture Accessories
  • A symbol of respect for guests
  • In some religions even used to honor gods
  • Wreaths can be made from freshly picked red roses, usually used by the bride and groom at weddings.

Here are a few easy steps to make wreaths from rose petals:

  1. Gather all the materials you need. This includes roses (red, pink, yellow, any color of your choice), decorative ferns, green leaves, chains or threads, needles and scissors.
  2. First, pluck the petals from the roses. Clean them of any dirt and insects. Make sure they are free of thorns and stems.
  3. Prepare the needle and thread according to the size of the garland you want to make.
  4. Roll a few petals, insert a needle, then add more petals. After filling the needle with the petals, push the bundle to the end of the thread. Now add the ferns or green leaves of your choice. And then repeat.
  5. Use the rose petals in alternative colors to make the Christmas wreath more colorful and attractive. Add yellow rose petals in a circular motion for a short length, then add layers of leaves and ferns.
  6. Then add the dark red rose petals to the garland. Now add the pink rose petals after another layer of leaves and ferns.
  7. After finishing a semicircle, so half the thread, you now have to work on the other length. You have to make sure that you have a symmetrical design. The center of the garland will contain ferns and then the order of the flowers will be similar to the one on the other side.

To add more bling to your Christmas wreaths, you can add beaded chains to them. You can add the beaded chain to the end of the thread with a rosebud. Close the thread through the rosebud by tying a knot in it. With this you finish your garlands with rose petals. They make beautiful wreaths and accessories, with natural perfumes and refreshing effect.

Christmas wreaths made easy

With the Christmas season fast approaching, everyone loves having a beautiful wreath in their home.

There are a few ways to get that perfect wreath, one of them is by buying a fresh Christmas wreath from the pros at Wilson Evergreens or if you are handy and have the ability to collect some Mother Nature products you can make your own. to make!

Here are great and easy instructions for you and you can get the whole family involved.

Fresh Christmas wreaths can be made very easily with a few home and backyard supplies. Some of the basic elements are a kind of ring, which is usually made of metal; however, you could use just about anything that makes a strong circle. Next you will need some thin wire to wrap the greens around your wreath. The greens or evergreen branches can be from any type of evergreen tree, some examples could be fresh cedar, balsam or pine.

Using clippers (pruners) harvest 5-10 lbs, cutting the branches into approximately 6 inch pieces. Now just put a handful of greens and thread them around the wreath ring. Make sure to keep the thread taut and tie it off at the end. Buy a bow from a store or if you have a ribbon, use 6-8 loops on each side with two longer tails. Pine cones and berries added to the decoration give it that extra touch. Hang the finished wreath on a wall or door and enjoy!

Shopping for a Christmas wreath

I always know when the Christmas season has officially started when my mom and dad tell my brother and me it’s time to buy a new Christmas wreath. Every year on December 1, we go out as a family to pick out a wreath for the front door. I really enjoy helping out with a Christmas wreath because it’s the first thing people see when they walk to our house, so we always choose a Christmas wreath that is sure to give visitors a warm welcome.

There are always many different wreaths to choose from. We always see many wreaths made of plastic covered with decorations such as lights or fake fruit, and sometimes we see wreaths made of shiny tinsel. Plastic and tinsel wreaths can be very pretty, but I wouldn’t want to hang one on our door because our guests might think our welcome is fake, just like the wreath. I once saw a wreath made of feathers! A lady told us they were fake peacock feathers and that they would bring good luck to your home. The feathers were really bright blue and green, and while it was beautiful, we decided it just wasn’t Christmas enough. We want a wreath that reminds people that it’s the most joyous time of the year!

My favorite Christmas wreaths are definitely fresh wreaths because they smell as good as they look. Last year we picked out a fresh Douglas Fir wreath that we decorated with pinecones and ribbons, and I always loved walking to the front door after school. There’s nothing like smelling Christmas when you walk up to the front door! All the problems I had during the day just melt away when I smell that fresh wreath. Every time I see a fresh Christmas wreath, I think of home. It reminds me of walking through the front door and my mom was baking gingerbread cookies and warming up by the fire after playing in the snow. Fresh Christmas wreaths remind me and my family of all the good the holidays have to offer.

That’s why we choose a fresh Christmas wreath for our front door every year, even if we look at all other types of wreaths first. I just don’t think any other type of wreath would be as welcoming as a fresh wreath and they don’t have that Christmas scent. My father always tells us that a wreath symbolizes eternal joy, and I understand why he says that. Every time I come home from school and see a wreath on the door, the joy of Christmas fills my heart.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Christmas wreaths are among the best decorations that we can place in our homes during the Christmas season. There are many beautiful Christmas wreaths on the market. But to save some cost, we can buy plain or plain wreaths and just decorate them with Christmas decorations we have at home. Here are some ideas for turning an ordinary wreath into a beautiful Christmas decoration at home:

1. Main object. Place something on the top, bottom, or center hole of the Christmas wreaths that would serve as the main attraction. You can choose from: ribbon/bow, candle, small nativity scene (for the hole in the middle), Christmas bells, pine cones and a group of Christmas balls.

2. Stuff with lots of small ornaments. You can place a number of ornaments of the same kind on your Christmas door wreaths. Baubles, pine cones, small ribbons/bows, or any combination of these look great on your wreaths.

3. Christmas lights. Make your Christmas wreaths sparkle by hanging Christmas lights on them. Make sure that the color of your lamps matches the color of your ornaments. Just mix and match them properly.

Those are just the basic ways to decorate your door wreaths for Christmas. You can follow one of those ideas or a combination of two or three of them. You can also experiment with other ways to decorate your wreaths in your own unique way. Some people have even made their own wreaths in different shapes, such as square, heart or triangle. Just be more creative and imaginative and you can definitely come up with a great idea.

When decorating your Christmas wreaths, you can do it in a simple or beautiful way. Either way, the wreaths will still look great in your home. Most importantly, you have been able to cut costs, create beautiful Christmas decorations and bring the spirit of Christmas into your home.

Advent wreaths are not ordinary Christmas wreaths

Wreaths are very popular home decorations during the holiday season, especially during the Christmas season. We decorate our home in many different ways with Christmas wreaths. Outdoor wreaths hang from our front doors, fresh Christmas wreaths hang beautifully over the fireplace, or some wreaths are placed on our table as our Christmas centerpiece.

But that wreath centerpiece with four to five candles on it isn’t like regular holiday wreaths. They are actually called Advent wreaths, which is a Christian tradition that is typically in horizontal form with four to five candles, as mentioned. Some of us may think that Advent wreaths are simply a beautiful centerpiece for our home, but they are a symbol of the passage of the four-week Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Western Church.

We usually buy Christmas wreaths and other Christmas decorations months or weeks before Christmas, but actually part of the tradition is that people should buy their Advent wreaths four weeks before Christmas. Then they would have to light one candle each Sunday, two on the next, three on the third Sunday, and finally four on the last Sunday. Some would include a fifth candle, or what they call the “Christ” candle, which will be lit at Christmas. A Bible reading and a prayer are usually also done during the Sundays of Advent.

Before the birth of Christianity, Advent wreaths made of evergreen and with a candle on top were already a symbol in Northern Europe. The circle symbolizes the never-ending cycle of the seasons, while the evergreens and burning candles symbolize the survival of life in winter.

There are still many Christians who follow the tradition of the Advent wreath. But for most of us who don’t, simple outdoor wreaths hung on our front doors can already beautify our homes for Christmas. These wreaths are great ornaments that welcome our guests into the home and their cheerful appearance gives a positive atmosphere to us.

Ideas for Modern Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas is always special, as it involves celebrating this merry season with friends and family. You should start shopping for your Christmas decorations well in advance to make sure you have a selection of the best decoration items to make the holiday season even more special. While there are many traditional ways to decorate the house for Christmas, here are some ideas for modern Christmas decorations for a contemporary celebration.

White Christmas trees are a popular way to decorate the modern way. Buy a faux white Christmas tree with mercury glass balls in bright colors to make it the center of attention in the room. You can also get clear glass balls and fill them with colored ribbons, feathers, beads, sequins, or just about anything you can think of. Add an attractive Christmas wreath with round, glittering seasonal ornaments for that classy touch. To create a unique look you can opt for colored glass ornaments or for unique handmade felt or origami ornaments.

Modern Christmas decorations can consist of out-of-the-box ideas and decorations. Instead of going for the traditional combination of red and green, experiment with a different color scheme like cranberry and jade for a modern twist. Consider decorating a fake tree with jade green trim and adding small, cranberry-colored lights to give your Christmas theme a unique look. Hang square jade wreaths with a large cranberry bow in the center for a fresh and cheerful front door decoration.

Lighting can play an integral role in changing the look and feel of the room. A great way to light up a space this holiday season is to install pendant lights. Pendant lights add drama to a space with their stylish design. Buy a pendant light to change the mood of your space and add festive sparkle. Available in a variety of shades, patterns and sizes, pendant lighting can be hung in a series to highlight a specific area, such as your holiday table.

Pendant lighting is a great addition to your modern Christmas decorations and will blend in perfectly with your interior. Consider hanging a series of pendant lights above your Christmas tree or over your dining area to make it a warm and inviting place for your friends and family.

Explore different styles to come up with something unique and attractive and have a great Christmas!

How do you make Christmas wreaths?

Christmas is said to be the most colorful day of the year. It is the day to show our loved ones and the elderly the love we have for them. To show them that we are lucky to have them and they are never forgotten even if they are not with us. One of the most special decorations in any Christmas home is an outstanding innovative and outstanding Christmas wreath with gifts, sweets and cookies. Most Christmas wreaths are available in stores or you can choose them online. But it would be cheaper and much better if done at home with a personal touch and home effect.

Procedure to make Christmas wreaths:

  1. To prepare the circle for the Christmas wreath, grab a pipe or a curved rigid, oblong object made of foam. It should be stiff enough to hold its shape until all the decorations are done.
  2. Circle it and tape the ends to make a full circle. If you feel the Christmas wreath should be bigger and thicker, roll the pipe as many times as you like.
  3. Now tape the ends very tightly and close them. Tie it with a knot if possible.
  4. Shop now Saturn ribbons, bells, balls, birds, herbs, leaves, flowers, white lace and much more.
  5. Whatever you want to add to your wreath, get them ready.
  6. Now wrap the pipe with ribbons or colored paper.
  7. Tie the bell exactly where the pipe ends are joined by knot or glue.
  8. Now slowly roll the leaves or stick them over the circle.
  9. Make a nice cute bird model and stick them here and there over the green wrapped Christmas wreaths.
  10. Now stick red dots on the wreath that resemble cherries and other edible fruit on the wreaths.
  11. Tie candies and hide them in the leafy foliage. Perform many games and ask the kids to track down the candies and cookies.
  12. Roll white lace over the hanging and tie balls and other small balls of different colors.
  13. Tie a bow and stick it with the bell.
  14. Now roll the gold and silver wire combination over the round ready-made Christmas wreaths.
  15. Add tulip, roses and other flowers to the arch or pinned area where the bells hang.
  16. Try to get a colorful ribbon when you roll over the surface of the circular Christmas wreaths.

Location to hang Christmas wreaths

  • Place Christmas wreaths on the top of the door, hanging from a nail.
  • Place a bang on the fireworks and leave Christmas wreaths near the Christ frame along with two candles. Let one candle be small and the other large.
  • Hang Christmas wreaths on the wall. This would require a contrasting color design of the Christmas wreaths on the wall.
  • Put Christmas wreaths on the table. Have these Christmas wreaths made from edible fruits to use after a good festive dinner or supper.
  • Kids would be excited to prepare their own fun by adding edibles to Christmas wreaths
    I enjoy Christmas because for that celebration all the family members will meet and enjoy that wonderful day.

Christmas wreath traditions

The traditions of Christmas wreaths date back to at least the 17th century. Displaying a wreath on the outside of your door symbolized that your home was one that celebrated the birth of Christ.

Wreaths were originally made from holly, which has various religious meanings. The sharp leaves symbolize the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during the crucifixion. The red berries symbolize the blood of Christ. Another story tells how the berries were originally thought to be white. They were presented to the newborn Jesus by a child. The holly stung Christ’s finger, and then the berries blushed red with embarrassment. Wreaths decorated with red and white berries are popular for this reason.

Today, Christmas wreaths are used in many ways to decorate and celebrate the holidays. They are made from everything from fresh balsam fir to teddy bears and are used as corporate Christmas gifts, retail decorations, front door decorations and more. Wreaths can be seen all over the world during the holiday season and for most people, they symbolize peace and giving during the season.

Many people worry about the commercialization of Christmas, but still want to give meaningful gifts to friends and family. Fresh wreaths and table decorations make wonderful gifts for the holidays. They can be given as thank you gifts, hostess gifts, business gifts and more. They can be decorated with pine cones and berries to maintain the natural look and aroma that make a real Christmas wreath so desirable. Fresh centerpieces for the table are also very popular. Unlike flowers, an evergreen centerpiece can last for months if cared for properly.

Fresh Christmas table runners and wreaths can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season. Customers, visitors and passers-by all wonder where the beautiful wreath or table accent comes from. You can be proud to give a real wreath knowing it will get people in the holiday spirit. Living gifts are a unique and beautiful way to show your appreciation, love or gratitude for someone.

Another holiday tradition related to the Christmas wreath is kissing under the mistletoe. One story says that mistletoe was considered sacred by the Druids and was not allowed to touch the ground. Therefore, the mistletoe was hung, and in recognition of its sacred status, people gathered under it were required to kiss. Others think the tradition was started by the Scandinavians, who believed that mistletoe was a symbol of peace. Enemies meeting under the mistletoe were to declare a truce and seal it with a kiss.

This is a fun tradition to follow and many people do too. Mistletoe is quite small and sometimes inconspicuous. Another option is to hang a kissing ball. A kiss ball is larger and is decorated with bows, berries and pine cones, just like the wreath. It is made of fragrant evergreen foliage. Pillow balls go well with matching wreaths and are an excellent gift choice for the holidays.

Traditions can be spread through cultures, religions, regions or families. Traditions help us remember the past and honor those who have gone before us. They are usually passed on from parents to children. The beauty of a tradition is that you can start your own. Pass on your beliefs, customs and practices to your children. Feel free to start your own traditions together. Whether it’s kissing under the kissing ball or giving a fresh Christmas wreath to the host of Thanksgiving dinner, your family will feel closer when they practice it.

Tips for buying a beautiful Christmas wreath

The holidays are a magical time, partly because of the decorations hung all over the place that set the tone for the season. One of the easiest ways to bring the spirit into your home is to hang a Christmas wreath. There are so many Christmas wreaths that you can find one that suits your personal style.

The great thing about a Christmas wreath is that you can place it both indoors and outdoors. You can also choose to hang them on a door, a window or even a wall. But what should you keep in mind when deciding which wreath to add to your Christmas decor?

An artificial Christmas wreath is a good investment because you can use it year after year. If you are going to buy an artificial Christmas wreath, be sure to choose one that is made from top quality materials so that it can withstand storage and the elements if you plan to place it outside. You also want to make sure that the artificial materials look as natural as possible. As for the specific embellishments, that’s up to you. If you want to have small gifts, ornaments or even lights on it if you want. However, whatever you choose to buy, make sure it can withstand the elements if you plan to put it outside.

Fresh Christmas wreaths are another great holiday decoration option. A fresh wreath gives your home that signature holiday scent, and nothing beats a fresh plant. They won’t last forever, though, so you won’t have something that will last for your money year after year. When looking for a fresh Christmas wreath if you are choosing an evergreen wreath make sure your wreath is constructed solidly. You also want to make sure that the evergreen branches are green, smooth and not dry. If you look at a wreath that is really dry or has yellow needles, it is a wreath that has not been properly cared for. Or maybe you want to incorporate a vine wreath into your holiday decor? If you are interested in this, make sure the wreath you choose has sturdy vines and that they are tightly packed in the wreath construction.

There are fantastic wreaths on the market to choose from, so the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to go for a fresh or artificial Christmas tree. Once you’ve decided on the best choice for you, you’ll want to make sure you’re making a top-quality purchase that will make your holiday season feel festive and magical. Whichever wreath you choose to get, rest assured that your holiday visitors will be greeted with holiday cheer with this on your door.

The history of the Christmas wreath

The history of the Christmas wreath goes back many centuries. The festively decorated wreaths we now enjoy every holiday season were once very different. They didn’t hang from front doors, even though they were decorated with brightly colored ribbons.

In fact, the first Advent wreaths were used by early Germanic tribes who gathered circles of evergreen and light fires as signs of hope for the coming spring. The circular structure served as a reminder of the constant passage of time and seasons. We have not lavishly decorated these wreaths as they are now. Instead, wreaths were simple reminders of the coming season. This tradition was kept alive by 16th-century Christians who used wreaths as festive symbols for the season of Advent and the hope of the birth of Christ.

In 1839 the Christmas wreath became even more important for the Advent season. Johann Hinrich Wichern used a wreath made from a cart wheel to teach children the meaning of Christmas and help them count down its approach. For each Advent Sunday, beginning with the fourth Sunday before Christmas, he placed a white candle in the wreath and used a red candle for each day in between. The last candle would be lit on Christmas Eve. Such Advent wreaths used to be decorated with various natural materials such as: seed pods, pine cones and nuts. Each decorative element had its own meaning.

Today, Christmas wreaths are still used for their symbolic value. Many denominations of Christian church services still use the Advent wreath leading up to Christmas in anticipation of the birth of Christ. Every Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve, a new candle is lit, when the last candle is lit.

However, Christmas wreaths are also used simply because of their beautiful appearance and refreshing scent. Wreaths take on their own flavor in every home as families decorate their wreaths in their own style. In addition to pinecones and natural elements, wreaths are decorated with ribbons, pictures and toys. They are given as gifts to holiday party hosts and also serve as a welcome to guests. From front doors and arches to living room walls and dining tables, Christmas wreaths provide the perfect festive touch to any holiday gathering. So the next time you enjoy your wreath, think back to the history of the Advent wreath – just as rich as its fresh, evergreen scent.

Christmas wreaths to celebrate the holiday

Christmas is only a few days away. Of course everyone is looking forward to the most special holiday of the year. This is the time when we usually fill our homes with colorful lights, Christmas wreaths, ribbons, accessories, and most importantly, delicious food and sweets. This is also the season when we make our home more inviting for unexpected guests, family gatherings, and special dinners with office mates and friends. That is why it is very important for owners to transform their indoor and outdoor home into a place that eventually radiates the Christmas cheer.

There are several ways to make beautiful Christmas decorations. One of the most ideal and probably the easiest ways to prepare your home for the holidays is to use a Christmas wreath. This accessory has been traditionally used throughout history. It originated in ancient Rome when people began to offer evergreen branches as a token of thanks or friendship. Later these branches were formed into rings as a sign of eternity or the cycle of life. Today, this cool accessory comes in different varieties. We have the choice between fresh Christmas wreaths or dried wreaths. There are also varieties made to add accents to different areas of the home, such as outdoor wreaths and door wreaths. For general use, I recommend that you buy Christmas wreaths or holiday wreaths.

Choosing the right wreath can be quite easy as long as you know what you want your home to look like. Selecting a theme or concept can also help narrow down your choices. You can go traditional, modern or funky. Choosing between natural or artificial Christmas wreaths should also be considered. If you want to make the effort to make beautiful wreaths, but only once, natural wreaths are also a good choice. Or if you like the idea of ​​decorating your home with wreaths that can last for several years, artificial wreaths are the excellent alternative. Either way, you can make or discover your wreath by looking for decorating clues that suit you.

Finally, try to formulate a decoration plan or color scheme for your home. You can use this both indoors and outdoors. When selecting accent colors, try to choose shades of gold, red, or green. You can also try monochromatic decorations against your wreath to emphasize the greenery.

Christmas wreaths and garlands

Christmas wreaths and garlands are probably the most welcoming of Christmas decorations. Nothing reminds us of the fast approaching Christmas Day like the sudden appearance of a Christmas wreath on a front door.

Ready-made garlands and wreaths are widely available at your local grocery or dollar store and can be easily customized if you want to make a more personal statement. Consider the size and color of the wreath when selecting it for your front door. A wreath that is too small would look cute but unnatural, while a wreath that is too big would look ridiculous no matter how beautiful it is. The color of the wreath should complement or contrast strongly with the door color.

Once you’ve determined the color and size of the wreath, it’s time to look for additional decorative elements in your yard. Or you can also check urban gardens for ivy and evergreen shrubs with attractive foliage. Expand your search to a nearby forest if you live in the countryside. Branches of skimmia, laurel or holly will all add structure and volume to your garlands and wreaths. Do not forget about the leaves of unusual shape and color.

Berries are also an important part of Christmas wreaths and garlands, and many garden shrubs offer many in yellow, orange or red colors. Among the most popular berry bushes used for Christmas decorations are plump white snowberries, surreal-looking purple beauty berries, and especially festive mistletoes. If you want to make your wreath look magical, use pale, feathery miscanthus and pampas grass flower heads.

If you don’t have a garden of your own, don’t worry, all these beautiful plants should be available from your local florist. Plus, you can always find other flowers that will help you turn your Christmas wreaths and garlands into something unusual. Roses in contrasting colors with dark foliage would look especially luxurious and festive.

If you’re tired of the traditional wreath, you can opt for wreaths made from bare, twisted twigs that look quite sculptural and appropriately wintery and are a welcome change from the usual greenery.

Wreaths should not be limited to just the front door. Small wreaths in the shape of hearts and circles look beautiful hung from the backs of chairs, while larger wreaths hung from the tops of mirrors can make elegant and dramatic focal points.

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