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Best Christmas Tree Skirt 2021

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Exciting Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas is a time for us to celebrate and it is also the time when we have to do a lot of chores and preparations for the house and for our loved ones. Writing all the names of those we plan to give as gifts, the food preparation and of course the interior and exterior decorations of the house.

We are used to doing all these errands to make our Christmas celebration every year a joyful and unforgettable experience. But most Christmas tree has huge and bulky stands and it is not very attractive to the eyes. In this case, we can use Christmas tree skirts to cover the stand and it can also add texture and accentuate the beauty of your Christmas tree.

You can find many patterns and colors of Christmas tree skirts in many department stores. Here are some tips and advice on using and choosing the right Christmas tree skirt for your tree.

  • When choosing the right size of the skirt depends on the size of your Christmas tree and also pay attention to the diameter of your tree. Remember that it should be enough to completely cover the tree trunk and it should never extend the average width of your tree’s branches. Also make sure that the tree edge does not penetrate the walkways to avoid accidents. If it’s too big, you can fold them around the edges.
  • When choosing a Christmas tree skirt, consider whether you want to make it the center of attention by choosing a brightly colored and patterned design or simply background your tree with a solid colored tree skirt.
  • Before installing the apron, put the tree in place and the water tank. Then place the ornaments, garlands and install the lights. Sweep the floor for any pine needles and finally, carefully place your Christmas tree skirt.
  • You can be creative with your tree skirt and choose your skirt according to the theme of your home. You can also use quilts, calicos, fleeces, patchwork quilting fabrics, and burlap.

You can also make your own Christmas tree skirt to make it even more special. It’s as easy as draping a cloth on your tree.

To make a simple Christmas tree skirt, you can simply cut a piece of fabric with a simple print, taffeta or luscious velvet about 4 to 5 meters long. Tuck in all the ends and edges. This way you can easily wash it when it gets dirty and change the skirt to look different.

Also keep in mind that the skirt will usually be covered with gifts so that you don’t spend a lot of money on your skirt. In this case, you can use anything you have around the house to use as a tree skirt, such as comforters, tablecloths, bedspreads, sheets, leftover upholstery or fabric, blankets, drapery panels, fleece or chenille throws. You can also use felt tree skirts.

Choose the heaviest and your favorite felt available. Cut the largest circle you can, then cut a line from the edge to the center of the circle. After cutting a line, cut a small circle in the center to make a hole that fits into the tree trunk. An average tree will need a hole with a diameter of 4-7″. You can add small ornaments, beads, felt cutouts and appliqués to make it even more personal.

Anyone can make their own Christmas tree skirt and you don’t need a pattern to make them. But if you can find ideas and inspiration for decorating your Christmas tree skirt, you can search catalogs, holiday stores, or the Internet.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree – Tips and Ideas

Make and buy Christmas tree decorations

You can make beautiful Christmas tree decorations with acorns, paint, metal chenille stems and hot glue. Collect some acorns and paint them in different colors. Cut the chenille stems in half and bend over so that both ends are together. Use the hot glue gun to attach the chenille stem to the top
of the acorn to work as a pendant.

Free patterns and instructions for making various decorations are available online. You will need thin cardstock, paint, glue and various supplies such as glitter, sequins, ribbon, beads, rick rack, buttons, felt and yarn.

Tips for Decorating Artificial Fiberglass Christmas Trees

When decorating synthetic fiber Christmas trees, it is ultimately about proportion. When hanging decorations, put the largest size at the bottom and the smallest at the top. You can select a color theme – stick to gold, silver and red or just pink and gold, or you can style the tree according to traditions such as the German style tree (usually decorated with food), the Victorian style tree (decorated with small detailed ornaments and many angels), and the country style tree (decorated with glass balls, wooden ornaments and many flocking to simulate snow).

How to Decorate With Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas tree toppers are the finishing touch to your Christmas tree. Like other Christmas tree decorations, these ornaments originate from 19th-century Germany. There are many choices: the traditional star or angel, or for those who prefer a worldly tree topper, Santa Claus, bows, teddy bears, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer and nutcracker soldiers. Don’t feel obligated to use a standard Christmas tree topper, though. If your Christmas tree has a unique theme, you can definitely use a tree topper to match that theme.

You can buy Christmas tree toppers that glow with fiber optic diodes that spin, play music, and blink on and off. However, it is not difficult to make your own Christmas tree topper. Perhaps the simplest modification is a cardboard star wrapped in aluminum foil. Often the home-produced decorations and tree toppers have more emotional value than the store-bought decorations. Once your topper is up, be sure to disguise the base of the tree with some sort of Christmas tree skirt.

Making Christmas Tree Skirts

Making your own Christmas tree skirts can be as simple as wrapping a piece of material under your tree or as complicated as making a custom embroidery skirt. Cut a piece of fabric about 4 to 5 meters long and wrap it around the base of your tree if you decide to go with the first option. Your skirt will give a sophisticated look, color and feel to the base of your tree until the big day, even if your family doesn’t put presents under the tree until Santa Claus arrives on Christmas morning.

Because candles were used to light trees until electric lamps were created, a mat or “skirt” was often placed on the floor under the tree to shield it by collecting the dripping wax, as well as to collect fallen needles. to catch. Today, the skirt is often embroidered with nativity scenes. The difference between a mat and a tree skirt is that usually a mat is placed under the tree trunk, while a skirt is placed over it, with a hole in the center for the trunk and a slot on the outside edge so it can easily be wrapped around the tree. be placed.

A Christmas tree skirt can be used as a unique finishing touch to your tree, whether you want to hide an unsightly tree stand or create a complete picture of your Christmas tree. The size of your tree skirt will depend on your tree stand and the diameter of your tree. In general, the tree edge should be large enough to cover the stand underneath.

Make your own personal Christmas tree skirt

Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own Christmas tree skirt? Well, you can! There are many attractive skirts sold in stores around the holiday season, but sometimes you just can’t find the one that best suits your home. In these cases, you can choose to make your own! Please note that the directions listed here are simply basic guidelines to serve as a guideline.

The skirt you make depends on the size you want. You should buy up to about six and a half yards of fabric, some lace for trimming and some thread. I will instruct you how to make your own Christmas tree skirt with these materials.

The first thing you want to do is measure the amount of space you want to cover with your Christmas tree skirt. Now that you have your measurements, you will want to measure the fabric in a circle shape. You must then carefully cut it to reflect this shape. When you do, be sure to cut a slit in it so it can wrap properly around the tree.

Next, you’ll want to take out the sewing machine and thread it with the color of thread that matches the fabric you’re using. You’ll really want to turn the fabric over with the inside facing out and then sew it like this, leaving a gap of about 6 to 6 inches (15 to 15 cm) open.

Now go to your local department store and go to the craft section. You’ll be looking for small, soft bags of potpourri that smell like pine, cinnamon, and other Christmas scents. Buy no more than two separate scents to put in the Christmas tree skirt. When you get home, just slide the scents in and mash them so they don’t bulge. You can even choose to clear them.

Then you’ll want to sew up a few inches and leave a slit of about an inch. Make sure to put it outside on the outside before putting the fragrance in! Then apply a small piece of Velcro and close it. You now have a Christmas tree skirt that not only reflects the design you choose, but also has a special scent. You then need to line it with lace, and you’re done!

How do you make a Christmas tree skirt?

The tradition of using a skirt under Christmas trees has been reduced to purposes more decorative than useful. In the past, before the invention of electric decorative lights, candles were used to decorate the trees. The circular skirts were kept under the trees to prevent the laundry from falling directly on the floor. Today, both ready-made and handmade skirts are in vogue, often experimenting with the design. Handmade skirts allow you to personalize the pattern thematically, while at the same time having the fun of getting ready for your favorite festival.

Steps to make your own Christmas tree skirt:
• Planning: You can’t reasonably start without thinking about the look of your skirt. Browse magazines, books, newspapers or the internet for the pictures of different varieties and grab the one you like the most. Determine the size of the skirt in terms of the radius of the circle. This will affect the dimensions of your fabric.
• Material Requirements:
– Fabric – cotton, silk, velvet, satin, felt, etc. (according to your preference, consider holiday style printed cloth)
– A pair of scissors
– Suitable colored wire
– Needle or sewing machine
– Retaining pins
– Tape measure or ruler
– Lining (optional) – When the liner is not used, the main fabric should be doubled in length to create a double layered mat.
– Lace, decorative trim, embroidered fabric patches, cord, beads, fringe, etc. (optional)
• Build:
– Step 1. Fold the lining cloth in half across the width
– Step 2. Fold it lengthwise. Pin the open sides to hold the cloth in place.
– Step 3. You have two sides with four open layers. When you leave this one, choose the corner where the other two sides, with one and two layers, meet.
– Step 4. Take the ruler and mark a point from this corner at a distance equal to the chosen radius.
– Step 5. Keep marking the points by turning the ruler little by little.
– Step 6. Connect the dots to form the arc and cut along it.
– Step 7. Make a very small circle by repeating step 4 to step 6. The size should match the thickness of your Christmas tree trunk.
– Step 8. Open the cloth to get a large circle with a smaller one in the middle.
– Step 9. Pin the circle to the main fabric. If you have a printed cloth, pin it upside down.
– Step 10. Sketch two parallel rays, very close, and cut along.
– Step 11. Sew or sew around the circumference of the larger circle, smaller circle and the radii. Leave a section somewhere, preferably along one of the radii.
– Step 12. Use the opening on the left in step 11 to turn the entire skirt inside out.
– Step 13. Decorate it according to your choice.

Christmas Tree Skirt – What’s Around Your Tree?

The right Christmas tree skirt makes or breaks the look of the tree. It is an important part of creating a nice looking and functioning tree. Many homes each year have several options to choose from, each with its own benefits. Sometimes children choose their own favorite, or argue about it. The Christmas tree skirt might be something you want your family to choose together, but with so many style choices, that can be hard to actually realize.

Themed Skirts

Letting your kids choose the right Christmas tree skirt for the tree is a good option. You may want to let them choose a skirt that offers some flair of what they like. For some, this could be a Disney Christmas tree skirt, or it could be a Pooh Bear skirt. If there are different tastes in the same house, it can take some effort to choose the right skirt theme for the whole family. Instead of going with a theme, you might think it would be easier and a better choice for everyone if you bought a plain Christmas tree skirt.

Find the right one

If you have different styles in mind, or can’t please everyone with the Christmas tree skirt you need, look for a neutral that offers something for everyone. This can be difficult to do as most department store chains have quite a bit to offer in terms of themed items. You will find many different designs with unique textures and prints. Choose a color you like or a pattern that works for everyone in the family. For example, you will find that a red Christmas tree skirt with a snowflake pattern is suitable for almost everyone in the family and also looks beautiful.

The Christmas tree skirt you choose can be anything that works for everyone in your family, or just one or two of you. It can also quickly become a family heirloom that is passed down and used year after year. Choose a design you’ll all love, whether you’re buying it alone or making it a family outing. What’s important is that it’s pretty and appropriate to put under your Christmas tree and maybe it’s a nice bed for the cat to sleep on during the winter months.

Artificial Christmas trees from topper to skirt

Artificial Christmas trees are the staple of the holiday season. From churches and schools to car dealerships to apartment houses, everyone who can afford a Christmas tree shows one. Some trees are as small as 2′ tabletop trees, while commercial trees can be as tall as 100′. Styles and families of trees include everything from traditional green trees to white, black and red trees.

Very few trees can get away with a lack of ornaments. To escape the need for ornaments, trees are the best choice for matted trees with berries and pine cones, or contemporary pencil trees in bright or unique colors. At Christmas, ornaments of every shape and style are hung on the trees. Bauble ornaments of any color coordinate with each other or compliment Victorian, country, beach or artistic themes. Some ornaments include traditional pickles, Santa Claus in the bathtub, polar bears, and Coca Cola lunch boxes. Ornaments can be elegant or showy, but everyone likes their own selection.

To finish off any tree, decorated or not, is the classic tree skirt and tree topper. The tree topper may be as important to some as the tree itself, serving as a testament to belief or lifestyle. Angels and stars are the most common tree toppers on the market. The variety of styles ranges from plain to animated and morphing LED lighting. Tree toppers can be small, or as high as 18″ H. Very important when purchasing a tree topper is the distance from the top of the tree to the ceiling. A good 12″ is recommended in most cases, although giant commercial trees are larger toppers, and therefore more space.

Tree skirts adorn the base of the Christmas tree and serve as a resting place for early gifts as they wait for Christmas morning. Skirts say a lot about a family or business and play a big part in determining color themes. From bright red and white Christmas colors to royal blue and deep burgundy, skirts can be cotton, felt, knit or intricate with sequins and beads.

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