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Best Christmas Garland for Fireplace 2021

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Christmas Garland for Fireplace Special

So you have chosen the perfect fireplace for your home. You have researched the period and style and selected the material for the fireplace. You’ve made the decision about which type of fuel is best and learned how to build the perfect fire. Now it’s time to enjoy your fireplace!

If you’ve opted for a wood-burning fireplace, there are a wide variety of woods that can keep your fire burning well and smelling wonderful. The ultimate woods are oak, walnut and eucalyptus. Oak is a hardwood that gives excellent heat and burns slowly, while walnut has a wonderful aroma. Eucalyptus burns quickly, does not spit and has a fresh medicinal scent. A fruit tree wood such as apple, cherry or pear will also give off a wonderful scent. Spruce is the perfect wood choice at Christmas time and is great for kindling. Larch is a softwood that has a pleasant scent and also emits a wonderful cracking sound.

Proper mantel design requires the basic rules of balance and proportion. Play with placement before showing off your mantel-worthy items. Decide whether you want to hang artwork or a mirror above the mantel. A mirror makes a room appear larger and the ceiling higher. A wooden frame in a picture will complement a wooden frame of a fireplace. Use natural finds such as pine cones, tree branches and acorns to decorate your fireplace. Display your porcelain collection or your precious family photos. Christmas and birthday celebrations are a great opportunity to garnish the mantel, hang stockings, and display cards.

Scuttles, hods or log holders are essential for fuel retention. They can also make a decorative statement next to your fireplace. The choice of brass, copper or wrought iron in a variety of designs suits both traditional and contemporary decors. Alternatively, an attractive woven wood basket can be the perfect companion for the fireplace.

In the Georgian times, a lattice fork was used daily. What better way to relax than cozy up by the fireplace, roast crumpets and marshmallows or roast chestnuts. There are numerous implements for this use. Extendable toast forks, chestnut burners, two-forked marshmallow forks, and crumpet-shaped toasters will add to the enjoyment of afternoon tea around the fireplace with friends or family, or both. Finally, to make your favorite spot next to your fireplace extra special, you can place a comfortable armchair with lots of plush cushions and a warm blanket or throw. It will be the perfect place to read a good book or just enjoy the wonderful warmth, aroma and atmosphere of your fireplace.

Fireplaces – Decorative Inspiration

Keep your fireplaces looking good all year round with decorating tips for all seasons.

The mantel is the perfect place to display decorative items. By changing your decoration with the seasons or special occasions, you can turn your fireplace into a dramatic element all year round.

Make an impact

There are many ways you can make your fireplaces stand out for all the right reasons.

Seasonal – Take your inspiration from the seasons and give your living room a festive atmosphere. Turn your artwork or photos for the winter months into ones with an autumn feel. Use orange and brown tones for throws to drape over the sofa and pipe some pinecones into a large glass bowl for decoration.
Birthdays – Special occasions are a great excuse to gather around the fire. Decorate your mantel with birthday cards and banners.

Halloween – Get goth and get into the Halloween spirit with spooky accessories for your fireplace. Place a large candle on either side of the mantel and arrange small bunches of pumpkins for added effect.
Christmas – Fireplaces are the perfect place to hang the family stockings on Christmas Eve. Add a garland to the mantel and decorate the space above the fireplace with a wreath. Christmas lights add a touch of magic to all occasions, especially Christmas. Wrap some twinkling lights around your streamers and wreaths for a festive touch.

Year Round – If you want a stylish fireplace all year round, there are a few must-haves to keep your mantel looking its best. A beautifully designed mirror can be very effective when placed above your mantel. An eye-catching piece of art can also be a good choice for this place. Or make it personal with a family photo. The most important thing when decorating fireplaces is to keep it simple. Don’t clutter your mantel with unnecessary items.

Learn how to decorate your mantelpiece

Many people find it difficult to be comfortable and relaxed in their home. This is because it does not reflect who they are as a person. The way to solve this is to beautify the house with decorations that mean something to you.

One of the largest spaces in most homes is the fireplace. The fireplace is considered the center of the room in which it is located. It’s also the only thing visitors will find first. When decorating your home, you should also beautify your mantelpiece.

Decorating your mantel is a great thing to do as it adds character to the room as well as to the other parts of the house. There are dozens of themes and ways you can use to decorate the mantel, and they are all easy and creative.

Most Mass will place pictures of their family and childhood on the mantelpiece. When people walk up to the fireplace to get a better look at the fireplace, they will immediately look at the photos and marvel at how precious your children are or how beautiful you looked on your wedding day. This also makes for a great conversation starter.

Some people may settle for their stone mantel and add a variety of candles and spices instead. One great thing you can do is to use similar types of candles at different heights and in descending order. You can also put some greenery on it to give it a bit of an earthy look.

The best time to decorate your mantel is during the holidays. During this time, the possibilities are constant. Christmas is the time when many of us like to decorate as much as possible. If you’re decorating for this time, you can place a lighted garland around the top of the mantel, letting it fall a quarter of its length along each side. On top of the center of the mantelpiece you can put the manger set or scented candles – which will be surrounded by the garland.

The best thing to do when decorating your mantel is to put things on it that show who you are. This is part of your home and you should feel comfortable with it.

There are many ways you can decorate mantelpieces, as long as you have the right mantel ideas.

Mantel Decorating Ideas

Adding beautiful accents to your home allows you to express your personality. mantelpieces are an ideal place to add decorative accents to match the rest of your room decor. No matter the time of year, use this spot in your living room to add flair to your home.

Show the things you love

Everyone has a few of those oh-so-special objects that need a place of honor in a room. Fireplace mantles can be the ideal place for these beloved items. By personalizing this area of ​​a room, you can create a focal point that looks like nothing else. Whether you have a unique vase, antique books, an ornate candlestick or an eye-catching mirror, place it above the fireplace to give it a place of honor in your room.

The art of layering

Layering involves the positioning of items on mantelpieces. You can often create a pleasing effect when you place items on the surface with some slightly in front of or behind other items. Varying the size and height of objects creates an attractive design. However, keep in mind that less is usually more in these cases. Overcrowding this space can make it confusing and congested. Since the eye naturally travels to this area, an overcrowded mantel can negatively impact an entire room. It’s okay to leave some space in your design.

A continuation of colors and materials

Assuming you have a predominant color palette in a room, place these colors in small ways above the fireplace. You can achieve this continuity by adding a vase of flowers in room colors or a candlestick with candles of the same color. If you have materials that are used elsewhere in the room, add a touch of that as well. For example, burlap can give a rustic touch if you drape it casually over the edge of the surface.

Mixing mediums

The items you choose for this location should be made of different materials to create a pleasing aesthetic. Glass, metals, wood, porcelain, paper, fabric, wax and even plastic can work together for a beautiful impact. While designing your arrangement, keep an eye on the total number of materials you are incorporating into the design. Adding too many different media can cause confusion and chaos. Instead, try to keep the mixture on a maximum of four different materials.

make it fat

Try something bold and daring. Instead of filling your mantel with many smaller items, carefully mixing and layering them, try just one key piece for dramatic flair. A huge ornate mirror or a single large painting can speak for itself without needing anything else to complement it.

Remember that mantelpieces can vary with the seasons to constantly update your room design. Make the decor lighter and more neutral in the spring and summer and heavier in the fall and winter. Adding festive lights and garlands around the holidays is always an appealing look, too. Keep these decorative details fresh and up-to-date for dynamic appeal.

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