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Best Artificial Christmas Tree 2021

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Best Artificial Christmas Tree 2021

Artificial Christmas Tree, This article has been written with the intention of helping the reader to develop knowledge about artificial Christmas trees. It is worth mentioning early on that modern artificial trees can last more than ten years if properly cared for; so it’s worth reading on to find out what types of artificial Christmas trees there are, the differences between the trees that can be bought, what they’re made from and the pros and cons and a few other hints and tips.

We start with the two main materials from which artificial Christmas trees are made. The most common is PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride), also known as PVC vinyl, and the other is PE (Polyethylene), which is rapidly growing in popularity.

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Fire safety

What is PVC? This is an everyday plastic that is also commonly known as vinyl. It is a lightweight and exra durable synthetic polymer good material (or resin), formed by combining ethylene derived from natural gas, petroleum, or coal and chlorine. This plastic can be found in products ranging from milk cartons to car parts. When a tree is complete made of PVC, the result is an attractive, but generally well unrealistic looking tree compared to the more expensive PE version.

Artificial Christmas Tree

So what does a PE tree consist of? PE artificial trees are made of a very high quality plastic called polyethylene. The tree is made and modeled from real real Christmas tree branches. These real tree branches are used as molds to make the mold. Polyethylene is then injected directly into this mold and this helps to create a very realistic artificial Christmas tree. These trees require little or no shape when put down at Christmas time, they are ultra realistic, long lasting and stunningly beautiful – the best of a real Christmas tree.

In general, there are two ways in which Christmas tree manufacturers attach the branches of the trees to the central trunk of the artificial Christmas tree; crocheted and hinged. The crochet method requires you to attach or “hook” each branch into a bracket that attaches to the trunk of the artificial Christmas trees every time you touch the tree. Usually these branches are color-coded for easy construction so you know the order in which to set up the tree. The hook-in method usually takes longer to set up and can sometimes be frustrating if the color-coded tag is lost. Also with this method, as the tree ages, the hook can become bent or misshapen, leading to an uneven tree.

The hinged method is the right quickest and easiest to assemble of the two methods. This significantly speeds up the construction of the tree every year and reduces stress. The branches are permanently attached to the central trunk, you guessed it, hinges. When you take the tree out of the box, the branches simply fold down into the correct position, a little fluff from the branches and you are done Artificial Christmas Tree. And when you put the tree away, just fold it back up and store it in the box.

Artificial Christmas Tree

So know that you have an idea of ​​what material the tree you buy will be made of and how the branches will be hung on this tree, the next thing to think about is the standard. We recommend using only a sturdy metal stand. When you consider that a fully decorated tree can weigh twice as much as the tree you take out of the box, you see that a sturdy stand is the only way to go. Most high quality artificial PE trees come with a metal stand, so you can take this into consideration when weighing the cost.

Look forward to our next article where we will talk about the style of artificial trees on the market, the colors and the suitability for the home.

Thinking of artificial Christmas trees in your home?

People may think that the artificial Christmas tree does not smell fresh, but they are easier to set up and it is true. The only reason they choose the artificial tree is that they don’t have to go out every year to buy one. So if you store an artificial Christmas tree, you can use it for years. Some people have more than one artificial Christmas tree and may or may not like artificial Christmas trees, this is also safer in many ways as real Christmas trees can dry up and catch fire.

The artificial Christmas trees come in different sizes and that is why many people love the artificial Christmas tree. You may want a small one to put in your room or to use as a centerpiece on your work table. you can already

Artificial Christmas Tree

so buy one from a few feet tall to up to two feet tall for your regular Christmas tree. Many of the options look so nice if you don’t have much of a reason to have a real tree. You can get the one you want right depending on your personal preference. However, most people like the traditional evergreen style.

The cost of buying an artificial Christmas tree depends on the size and style you want. It also depends on when you buy it. For the best money saver, shop the day after Christmas when they’re trying to get rid of some holiday items. You may also be able to get good deals on models that don’t have the original box for it.

The only reason for this is that you need a place to store the artificial Christmas tree. Well, the first thing is you need to make sure it’s a dry area so it won’t ruin your tree. Make sure you have all the pieces together so you don’t miss out when the holidays come around again. The pieces of the artificial tree may become out of shape during storage, but you can easily bend and shape them when assembling the tree.

So many choices when Christmas comes and you need to buy artificial Christmas trees. You may need to look around or meet your neighbors, ask them what, why and where to buy it so you can decide for yourself.

Artificial Christmas Trees – Modern Innovation for Timeless Charm

Christmas is a great time of year, isn’t it? People are kinder to each other, children get excited at the thought of Santa leaving presents for them, and everyone seems to be excited. Christmas is the only time of year where people gather to celebrate and have fun, and what better way to celebrate than with the best Christmas tree in your area? You don’t need to have a real Christmas tree to have one of the best, artificial Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular with people because they have many benefits that real trees don’t. If you want to make this Christmas a special time to remember and you’re trying to decide whether to buy a real or an artificial one, check out this article to help you make up your mind!

Artificial Christmas Tree

One of the main advantages of an artificial Christmas tree is that you can reuse it again and again. This means you can save yourself quite a bit of money every year during the holidays. In fact, our family has been using the same artificial Christmas tree for about ten years before we thought it was time to buy a new one! If you buy an artificial tree, you can use it year after year without having to spend every Christmas on a new tree.

They’re also easy to store, as most artificial Christmas trees come in sections that you need to assemble, so all you need to do at the end of the holiday season is take it apart and store it in the attic, done. for use for next Christmas! Just make sure you take good care of it and keep it in a box to protect it from dust and cobwebs, you don’t want to have to clean it for spiders next year, do you?! As long as you store your artificial Christmas tree properly, there is no reason why your tree can’t last ten years.

Artificial Christmas trees are an ideal addition to the Christmas holidays and they have come a long way since they were first produced. The contemporary artificial Christmas tree is almost indistinguishable from a natural, living tree in terms of appearance, color and atmosphere that it gives to the house around the holidays. Convenient, affordable and endlessly beautiful artificial Christmas trees use modern innovation to deliver timeless charm.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Appearance is the most important aspect of a Christmas tree. Like natural living trees, quality artificial trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades. Some have pine cones or winter berries, some are a deep frosty green and others are a bright vibrant green. Some are even pre-lit (which, while not natural, is undeniably convenient and attractive).

In addition to looking realistic, artificial Christmas trees have many advantages that natural trees do not. Artificial trees don’t pose the fire hazard that dried-out live trees do (and in fact, the vast majority of artificial trees are made from fire-retardant materials). They don’t drop needles and make a mess of the floor. Once you invest in a quality artificial tree, you will save the cost of buying inconsistent live trees every year. And of course there’s no hassle in buying and throwing away your artificial tree: artificial trees can be easily stored and easily taken out again when the holidays are around.

But above all, artificial Christmas trees allow you to choose your perfect, ideal tree and keep it for years to come. With live trees, some years are better than others; if you buy your tree too early, it will lose its shine before Christmas Day, but if you wait too long, the best trees will be gone. An artificial Christmas tree is the perfect solution. Your home is never more cozy than with a sophisticated, glowing artificial Christmas tree that welcomes your family and friends during the holiday season.

A Buyer’s Guide to Artificial Christmas Trees

The selection of artificial Christmas trees available can be overwhelming, but if you follow a few guidelines, you may find yourself having an artificial Christmas tree, the envy of everyone around you. With so many different varieties available, including commercial trees, prelit or unlit and many more, determining the best artificial Christmas tree can be easier than it looks.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Important points to consider

  • fire safety
  • Number of tips
  • Size, Style, Color
  • Easy assembly and storage

Most artificial Christmas trees are fireproof, but it’s always best to check. The boom is pre-lit or fiberglass, additionally make sure it’s Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) approved. Flame retardant does not mean fireproof. There are some excellent holiday safety strategies for both real and artificial Christmas trees on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) website.

The more points an artificial Christmas tree has, the fuller and more lush it will look. Avoid trees with a low tip count until you need a sparse appearance.

You want the color and type of one’s artificial tree to coordinate while using the overall Christmas scene. For more traditional decorations, choose a more traditionally shaped tree. For a more modern and smart look, opt for a tree that may be less realistic and much more stylized, including the metallics. Size is one of the most important considerations. Artificial Christmas trees range in space from small to towering. What you choose mainly depends on the dimensions of the room in the places where you will display the tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Think about the time you would like to spend assembling your tree. There are varieties that need to be assembled branch by branch. There are also full-sized Christmas trees that come in sections and even ones that are ready to go out with the box.

Remember that Christmas will be at some point and you will probably need to put away your artificial Christmas tree. Do you have enough space to store the 12 footer you’ve had once the holidays have started? If not, you may need to choose a scaled down version.

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You have carefully hung your stockings down the chimney, let go of the nativity scene and lit your candles. Now all you need to do is add your selected ornaments and place the star on top. Afterwards, enjoy milk and cookies and enjoy the warm holiday glow of your perfect artificial Christmas tree. Make sure to save some for Santa to snack on while he puts presents under that beautiful tree, and a very Merry Christmas!

The Different Types of Christmas Trees and How to Choose the Perfect One for You

In the old days, people would just cut down the tree of their choice every year and take it home to decorate for Christmas. But as times have changed, more Christmas tree styles and varieties have popped up, giving shoppers a myriad of wonderful choices.

Today, the most popular choices in Christmas trees are natural, artificial, pre-lit and LED. If you’re about to buy your Christmas tree this Christmas and have no idea which kind is best for you, here are some facts to help you make your choice:

Natural Christmas Trees

Aside from an annual fun family activity where the kids get to pick the tree on a farm, the biggest benefit of using a natural tree for your home is the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. It is 100% natural compared to artificial trees that contain chemicals that are not good for nature.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees

Some people prefer to use artificial Christmas trees for various reasons, cleanliness being the first. Artificial trees don’t drop pine needles, have no sap, and don’t need to be cared for during the holiday season. Another reason is because of its reusability. You will initially have to spend more money compared to buying a real tree, but it will last for years making it a profitable investment.

Finally, there are artificial trees in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Whatever your personal taste or preference, you are sure to find a fake Christmas tree to your liking.

Pre-lit and LED Christmas Trees

Pre-lit Christmas trees are becoming more popular every year. More and more people are opting for this type of tree because, for example, no assembly is required, which is perfect for people who are on the road a lot. All you have to do is personalize your tree with ornaments.

Another reason is that most pre-lit trees use LED lighting. Not only are LED lights beautiful, but they won’t burn for many, many years. They are also safe because LED bulbs are fireproof meaning they won’t break or catch fire

It all depends on your decision whether you like a natural or an artificial tree. Consider the size of your house, how high your room is and how much space you have for your tree and you can’t go wrong. Just follow these few guidelines outlined in this article and choose the one that warms your heart all the way inside. After all, this will be the center of attention in your home for almost two weeks, so you’d better pick the perfect tree right away.

Flocked Christmas Trees – Bring the Snow Inside

the idea caught on and now there are almost as many people who prefer brindle Christmas trees as those who prefer their trees the way they come from the tree lot. And now that artificial Christmas trees have become so lifelike, artificial trees are becoming a very popular style of trees en masse.

Artificial Christmas Tree

The flake material is the stuff that is sprayed on the branches of the tree to make it look like there is still snow on the tree. It is usually white and is sometimes made from a substance such as soap flakes. That is not used as often anymore, and now the spray on flocking usually consists of very small fibers that are either made of a synthetic material such as nylon or rayon, or a natural material such as cotton.

If you want to do your own flocking at home, you can easily find flocking materials on the internet Artificial Christmas Tree. Usually in liquid form, this material is either applied with a regular household vacuum cleaner or an applicator designed to be used with that particular type of flake material.

If you’re really into flocking and making everything all around look like it’s covered in snow for the Christmas holidays, then buying your own setup is probably the cheapest way to go. You should have an outdoor area where you can water the tree or your other decorations so that you don’t wander all over your living room. But that’s about as hard as it gets.

If you like artificial trees during the Christmas period, and you like to have them flocked, these are very easy to order over the internet. All you really need to do is spend a little time searching the search engines for artificial flocked Christmas trees and a whole host of websites will pop up Artificial Christmas Tree. Then take a moment to look at the results and you should be able to score a great bargain on the best trees for the money you’re willing to spend without any problem.

Advantages and disadvantages of an artificial Christmas tree

The holiday season – the best time, as Christmas is clearly one of the most popular times. It symbolizes love, security and hope that it will become a celebration of family, joy and contemplation. Accompanied by many traditional ways, the Christmas tree has become the most recognizable symbol of Christmas Eve. As an alternative to a real Christmas tree, a Christmas tree made of plastic is now an equally beautiful figure and its pure appearance is almost indistinguishable from a real tree. Covered, he will fascinate the viewers.

Artificial Christmas Tree


His artificial Christmas trees are now available in many different shapes and sizes. In addition, you can choose in peace according to his individual vision and his wish tree. In addition, one should not wait until Christmas, which could be weeks ago. Once purchased, the tree will shine on Christmas Eve for many years to come. This is a clear advantage, as it saves time and the life of an artificial Christmas tree and money. In addition, one does not have to worry about throwing away the Christmas tree to make more, it is broken down or simply folded and stored for the next year to save space.

Clean and easy to maintain

The living environment has also changed due to the rising standard of living. The apartments are now constantly heated, unlike in the past, when the salon was only heated on special days. Real trees here quickly lose their needles, which then end up in the carpet and upholstery. With a synthetic tree, however, they remain clean and the tree always shines in full splendor. Even days after the festival, the plastic tree just looks amazing. For people with allergies, the artificial Christmas tree is much better suited. Often, releasing the essential oils from real trees causes allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Another important advantage is that plastic trees are made of flame-retardant materials. Thus, the risk of fire is significantly insulated.

Great design Artificial Christmas Tree

The artificial Christmas tree is of course a real eye-catcher and fascinated by the straight, elegant shape and the full rich green. He can be in all areas of the apartment, but also right next to the heating. There is the right Christmas tree for every apartment size and arrangement, thanks to the variety of products. Who wants to buy the same with decoration in which he buys a ready-made decorated tree. But it is always an experience to decorate the Christmas tree with love with their own balls and loops. There are only two options open here.

Artificial or natural

The artificial Christmas tree really has real advantages. It is above all very contemporary and has adapted to modern forms of living. Sensitive floors or carpets are not soiled. The path eyes of needles is eliminated. The only drawback is that the famous pine scent is missing. But here you can help with scented candles or incense and bring a seasonal scent into the room. So the Christmas tree with its evergreen dress also stands as a Christmas icon, so it’s actually pretty unimportant whether this symbol is made of wood or plastic. All that matters is the thought and feeling of Christmas.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Fiberglass Christmas Trees Decorating Guidelines

A lot of people don’t seem to be aware of exactly what a fiberglass Christmas tree is, or what this type of tree will elevate your holiday decorating theme for Christmas this year.

A Fiber Optic Christmas tree has strands of pure glass or clear plastic tube enclosed by a reflective coating Artificial Christmas Tree. Lightweight will come off the skein in one finish and for long distances through each skein to the tip wherever it shines in the area. The result is a spectacular display of every imaginable color change on a color chart. Using fiberglass for Christmas trees could be a great plan for several reasons in its ingenious uses to show this kind of sunshine.

An artificial tree will transform your home’s Christmas decoration theme into a fantastically seductive show of twinkling lights that changes the shade of one color into a myriad of dazzling arrays of alternate colors Artificial Christmas Tree. Plus, you can add a replacement Christmas tree and spruce up the front of your home’s entrances with a smaller fiber optic rectifier.

LED trees or if available right from your door, they can be installed and become lush. You can also order these types of trees all embellished or add your own assortment of decorations to complete the planning of your personalized fiberglass Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree

You can add garlands, ribbons, shells, or candy to the combination and have an endearingly alluring Christmas tree. otherwise you could choose to leave the tree as is, and focus on decorating alternative components of the area or get another tree for another room.

This variety of trees does not give off heat, but is only lightweight, so they meet a fireplace safety requirement. The crystal rectifier lamps provide a period of two hundred hours of pure enjoyment of your special holiday show Artificial Christmas Tree. That works perfectly for twenty Christmas years of the life of your one purchase, so it’s much more economical and energy efficient than alternative species or natural trees.

You can wrap your tree in cotton skeins to simulate snow, or embellish it with glass ornaments, because it doesn’t give off heat, so you don’t have to worry about fireplace hazards. Nowadays with young and trendy customers, a simple unspecified tree is not suitable for a Christmas holiday. If you choose an unspecified tree from an unspecified store, you will pay less and get less for your money, because the quality just isn’t a gift.

7 tips for decorating the Christmas tree

Christmas is the most famous festival of the winter season and the festival is not complete without a beautiful Artificial Christmas Tree. So, what are your plans for the festival this year? Are you going to decorate a Christmas tree or not? Looking for decoration ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss some great Christmas decoration tips and ideas.

Before you start decorating a Christmas tree, you need the basics. You can purchase a rough Christmas tree from a local retailer or an online retailer. Buy a simple and cheap one. Now you can start with the decorating part. You may need to buy some items for decoration or you can use old and unused items from the house. Below are some decorating ideas.

Use shiny bubbles: you can easily find them in a local store in many sizes and colours. Purchase according to your requirement. These coloured balls look really beautiful on the structure. You can also design your own coloured balls using old play balls and coloured paper Artificial Christmas Tree. Just collect some old and cheap balls and cover them with nice coloured paper. Now hang these balls on the tree.

Old Ribbon and Wishes: Collect some old ribbons, paper and thread around the house and use them for the purpose. With this paper you can make your own designs. On these ribbons you can write beautiful wishes to decorate them on the tree. You can use one or more Christmas greeting messages or cards on your tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Use flowers: You can also use artificial flowers for decoration purposes. If you have pots around the house, you can use their followers for that. When Christmas is over, you can put the flowers back in the pots. You can also use the real flowers, but they do not last long. Flowers can also be made with ribbons or paper if you know a craft.

Make it natural: If you want to give it a natural look, you can use leaves, branches and birds (artificial) on your tree Artificial Christmas Tree. You can turn it into a real tree with natural branches, small fruits and leaves. You can also add a small wooden house to it.

Christmas feeling: To give your tree a Christmas feeling, you can use jingle bell in beautiful colors. You can also design it with some beautiful ornaments and winter berries for a better look. You can also use a Santa hat on top of the tree.

Lighting: Lighting is also necessary for the Christmas tree Artificial Christmas Tree. You can use light bulbs for this. Use a light string that matches the colour of the tree. Do not keep the wiring open as it may harm the children.

Make it unique: With so many Christmas trees out there, yours must be different and unique. You will need to apply some creativity for this. Use some old stuff from your house to make your tree attractive and attractive.

The benefits of using an artificial Christmas tree

This is the season to be merry. Christmas time is a merry, merry time of the year. It is also a busy time of year for most people. In addition to the many usual daily tasks, there are parties and family gatherings, as well as school and church activities. There is shopping and gift wrapping to do. There is mistletoe to hang and there are halls to “cover”. And there is the Christmas tree to decorate. It’s a wonderful, busy time of year. Fortunately, there are some time-saving conveniences these days. For example, many retailers offer gift wrapping services to help consumers. A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is another great time saver. Attaching the light strings to the tree takes quite a bit of time. Pre-lit trees put consumers one step ahead in the field of Christmas decorations.

Many consumers nowadays opt for artificial Christmas trees. The quality and appearance of artificial trees has improved enormously in recent years. They look very realistic now. Some trees look so good it’s hard to tell they aren’t real without actually touching them. There are several awesome beneficial reasons to use an artificial tree. They are reusable. This advantage eliminates the time-consuming annual search for the perfect tree. They don’t need water and don’t drop needles on the floor. Most modern artificial Christmas trees are easy to set up and easy to store. A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree has the additional advantage that the lights are already perfectly strung on it. The pre-lit tree allows consumers to skip the frustrating step of stringing and connecting several strings of lights to the tree. This actually makes decorating the tree a much more fun and enjoyable experience.

Fire hazards are another concern during the holiday season. Many people like to put up the decorations and the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving or early December. Real trees, even if closely watched and watered, can become dry and dangerous by Christmas Day. An average of 14 people die each year from Christmas tree fires. In addition, there are a number of non-fatal injuries and a precious amount of damage caused by Christmas tree fires. By choosing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, the risk of fire is drastically reduced, since today’s trees are fire-resistant. Many new artificial trees come pre-lit with low wattage bulbs or LED bulbs that don’t get as hot as traditional Christmas lights.

Artificial Christmas Tree

The holidays are a time to celebrate and spend with family and friends. Christmas is a time to make beautiful memories. Gathering around the tree to sing carols and drink cocoa are fun holiday activities. Crawling under the tree to water it and constantly sweeping up fallen pine needles are vacation activities that aren’t so much fun Artificial Christmas Tree. Many people love the freshly cut evergreen scent that comes with a real tree. The use of a real evergreen garland or wreath decoration provides the desired scent, if an artificial tree is chosen. There are also pine scented candles and air fresheners that can be plugged in to impart the favorite holiday scent. Choosing an artificial tree with prestressed lighting will make for much more cheerful moments this holiday season.

Fire safety Christmas tree

The holiday season can bring many dangers, and making sure your family has a safe and happy holiday is generally easy. Much damage can be prevented or reduced by following a few simple preventative steps.

The right tree for your family

If you are planning to purchase an artificial Christmas tree, make sure it says fire retardant on the label. However, if you opt for a freshly felled tree, it will require more attention and care. Before you buy a freshly felled tree, check it and make sure it is really fresh. Freshly felled trees are not dry and much more fire resistant compared to older and drier trees that have not been cut recently.

To test your tree, start by feeling the trunk. It should feel sticky on your fingers. The next step is to clear check the needles, which should not break easily from anywhere. Needles should be green and difficult to pull from the branches Artificial Christmas Tree. The final test is to bounce the trunk on the ground and notice if many needles drop. If it’s fresh, you won’t see many needles hitting the ground. Do not buy your freshly felled tree too early or do not leave it for more than three weeks.

Good Care Artificial Christmas Tree

Keep in mind that a fresh tree is a potential fire hazard and must be properly cared for to minimize the risk. It is important to put your tree in a heavy and durable tree stand so that it does not fall over. Make sure to water it daily to prevent it from becoming too dry. And one of the most important things to remember about your Christmas tree is its position. Make sure the tree is at least 4 feet (1.2 m) away from heat sources such as fireplaces, electric heaters, and heating grills. This reduces the chances of your tree catching fire from a spark and also prevents the tree from drying out too quickly.

It is also recommended to place the tree as close to an electrical outlet as possible to avoid using long extension cords which are a fire hazard.

Artificial Christmas tree history and fun facts

It is not generally known that artificial Christmas trees originated in Germany in the Middle Ages. It was not until the 19th and 20th centuries that they became popular in other countries with the invention of new and imaginative trees. It started with feathers, then animal hair, aluminum, plastic and then optical fibres. Discover the six stages in the evolution of the artificial Christmas tree:

1. Lightstock – the poor man’s Christmas tree!

In the Middle Ages, woodcarvers in Germany made the first lightstock. A pyramid-shaped stand made of 2-5 wooden rods and 3 shelves with candles and Christmas related figurines. Some time later, they attached a pinwheel to the top of the central bar. As the heat of the candles rose, the pinwheel and planks would spin, creating a beautiful display Artificial Christmas Tree. Soon, small lightstocks were placed next to Christmas trees. However, many poor woodcarvers could not afford trees and so the lightstock became known as the poor man’s Christmas tree. Lightstocks or pyramids as they are now also called are a tradition in Dresden, Germany that continues to this day.

Artificial Christmas Tree

2. First artificial trees made from green goose feathers!

Green-dyed goose feather trees, originated in Germany in the 1880s, are considered the first artificial Christmas tree in the modern world. The reason for creating feather trees, made with wire branches, was because the Germans were concerned about deforestation associated with tree harvesting. So the artificial trees become popular in the US early in the 20th century. Branches were spaced far apart so candles on trees (which was popular before the electric lights were made) had enough room not to start a fire.

Fires were a big problem with early trees with candles on them. Often artificial red berries were placed through the feathery branches, which served as candlesticks. Tree sizes ranged from 2 inches to 98 inches in department stores. Today, many of these trees are now valuable antique collectibles.

3. Christmas Trees Made of Animal Hair – Brush Bristle

The first artificial tree made from animal hair was made in the USA in 1930. The bristles were painted green and these trees became popular not only in the US but also in Britain Artificial Christmas Tree. They soon replaced the spring trees because these trees were not as flammable and could hold heavier ornaments.

4. Aluminum Christmas Trees

The first aluminum trees were made in the US in 1958. They became very popular until the 1970s. There was a negative image of these trees in 1965 when ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ first aired Artificial Christmas Tree, which is attributed to their decline in sales.

5. Plastic Christmas Trees

Usually made of PVC plastic, they are fire retardant but not fire resistant and most of these trees are made in China. The PVC used can be a potential source of dangerous lead – labels should be read carefully Artificial Christmas Tree. The Addis Brush Company (which made toilet bowl brushes) made the first fake plastic Christmas trees. Some say the first plastic trees were giant green toilet brushes!

6. Fiber Optic Cable Christmas Trees

This is a new design Christmas tree. Optical fiber trees are made of a flexible, transparent fiber made of glass (silica) formed into strands of various sizes the size of human hair. These fibers transmit light between the two ends of the fiber, creating a magical array of white or colored light. Some fiberglass trees resemble a traditional Christmas tree, while others appear completely in the light.

Why Artificial Christmas Trees Make Sense?

First let me admit that I’ve done the natural Christmas tree tradition and it’s amazing. It is truly memorable to pick out a tree, cut it down, take it home and decorate it. I remember that fondly as a young boy. As a parent, I had to face the other aspect of it, which is cleaning up, which is the pine needles. I’ve lost a vacuum hose to it, as anyone who’s tried to clean up with it will attest: Pine needles clog hoses. Artificial Christmas trees combine the best allure of a natural tree with the benefits of longevity and, yes, cleanup. Everyone should naturally try to experience that particular joy in the beginning and then move on to artificial later on as your taste evolves. Trust me, your taste in trees will definitely evolve.

Now I assume if you are interested in artificial Christmas trees you are focusing on replacements of the traditional family tree where the Christmas gifts are placed. I won’t talk about the smaller decorative varieties used to spread the Christmas spirit around the house. I also don’t assume you’re going for a cheap plastic toy for under $100 as they don’t hold up well over time and eventually get messy with their “pine needles”. Also, such trees make as big a statement as a used Yugo on Wall Street.

The world of artificial Christmas trees goes way beyond the shades of green pine needles that natural trees provide. The artificial variety allows you to choose from colours such as traditional garden varieties of pine green, as well as blue, red, magenta, sky blue, snow white, clear (for magnification of tree lights), colour swirls for a luxurious, jaded look and that’s just to do with the colour of the needles. I find that colours affect my mood and therefore a well-selected tree colour can make the location of your tree not only the center of attention, but also the source of the atmosphere of your choice.

Can you guarantee that with your natural tree species in the garden? Now artificial trees also vary in size and shape. You can find models that are several feet high or gigantic at over 16 feet. The size variations also extend to the branches and pine needles. The branches can be nicely symmetrical with the largest branches at the base and becoming smaller towards the top Artificial Christmas Tree. Alternatively, they can vary in the way natural trees do, giving a more realistic look.

You can find trees whose trunk looks like a real tree. Artificial trees come in high quality molded plastic, giving it a lifelike appearance. Even the pine needles can come in varieties, such as those found in pine, spruce, or cypress Christmas trees. Now, if you feel like it, you can buy trees pre-lit with varieties as abundant as the colors listed above. The lights can be pre-attached to the branches for symmetrical lighting or wherever you place the lights as you see fit.

Artificial Christmas Tree

In short, as long as you are willing to invest in good memories, you can choose a tree that will change the Christmas spirit to your liking. Now try that with a natural tree!

Real vs Artificial Christmas Trees

Setting up and decorating your Christmas tree is a festive tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years and will probably last until the end of time. Choosing whether to have a real Christmas tree or an artificial one is a dilemma that many of us face every year. There are many advantages to both types of trees, but there are also many disadvantages.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding which shape of Christmas tree is best for you and your family:

Artificial Christmas trees

  1. Artificial trees eliminate the hassle of having to find the time to go and pick a special Christmas tree from the lot.
  2. Another great advantage of artificial trees is that they don’t need watering and the needles won’t fall off and create a mess in your home.
  3. The money you save by purchasing an artificial Christmas tree can be spent on more gifts for your children or possibly other forms of decoration.
  4. Artificial Christmas trees can be put down earlier and last longer than real Christmas trees.
  5. This type of tree is less of a fire hazard because the needles are artificial not real.
    Real Christmas Trees
  6. Real Christmas trees look more attractive and smell like pine needles. Some families live at Christmas for the scent of their tree.
  7. It is tradition that a number of families cut down the tree. It is a family outing where you go every year and specifically choose the one you want.
  8. Real Christmas trees are a fire hazard when the branches become dry and hot from the Christmas lights.
  9. Real Christmas trees need to be maintained and cared for. This includes watering and removing the dead needles that have fallen under the tree.
  10. Ultimately, the decision is yours and you choose the type of tree that best suits your family and your preferences. If you want a tree that requires very little maintenance, an artificial tree may be a better fit for you.

Your Christmas will be wonderful no matter what type of tree you choose because this holiday is about loving, giving and being thankful for what you have.

Christmas tree safety checklist

Millions of American homes display a Christmas tree every year during the Christmas season. The Christmas tree is the most recognized symbol of the Christmas holiday and it is a time-honored family tradition to hang and decorate it every year. Unfortunately, with Christmas trees come dangerous accidents and injuries Artificial Christmas Tree. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 10,000 people visit the emergency room every year due to accidents involving Christmas decorations. The following is a safety checklist of 20 important points to consider when selecting and decorating your family Christmas tree.

  1. If you prefer a live tree, it is important not to buy it too early. Live trees may only be displayed for 3 weeks. If you want to leave your tree up until the new year, don’t buy or install it until December 12-14.
  2. When buying a live tree, touch the trunk to the ground. If the tree loses a lot of needles, it is likely to dry out. If possible, always buy a freshly felled tree. Dry live trees are a fire hazard.
  3. After choosing your live tree, make a new cut at the base of the trunk before placing it on its stand. If you don’t have the proper equipment to do this, ask the seller to make the cut before you leave with the tree.
  4. Make sure your tree trunk contains enough water and always keep the reservoir full.
    Also be careful not to buy a live tree that is too big for your trunk Artificial Christmas Tree. If your tree stand is too small or won’t hold the tree securely, buy a new one.
  5. Buy an automatic tree waterer to avoid forgetting to water the tree. Boom waterers are widely available online and are quite inexpensive.
  6. When placing your live tree, make sure not to place it near a radiator or furnace vent as this can dry out the tree faster.
  7. If you buy an artificial tree, make sure you buy one that is covered with a fire retardant layer.
  8. If the base that came with your artificial tree wobbles or breaks, purchase a replacement artificial tree stand Artificial Christmas Tree.
  9. Pre-lit artificial trees are an advantage because many trees have in-line fuses. If one of the fuses blows, you can easily replace it with the exact same size. Most pre-illuminated trees come with extra fuses. Keep them in an easily accessible place so you can find them every season. The best place is in your tree storage bag.
  10. Place your tree in a corner or area less traveled so passersby won’t pick up tree ornaments or trip over extension cords.
  11. When setting up your tree, place it near an electrical outlet so you don’t need extension cords.
  12. If you need extension cords, make sure to run them along a wall so they don’t become a tripping hazard.
  13. Never run extension cords under a carpet.
  14. Make sure you don’t connect too many light cords to one socket and also make sure that you don’t connect too many light cords together. In general, you should not use more than three string lights together.
  15. Check your bulbs for broken or burnt bulbs, frayed wires, burnt plugs, and other signs of wear or damage. Worn or damaged light cords or extension cords should be discarded or recycled.
  16. Never place electric lighted candles or open flames on or near your tree. Trees should also never be placed near a fireplace, as sparks can ignite branches or decorations.
  17. Always make sure to turn off the tree lights before going to bed Artificial Christmas Tree.
  18. Instead of ornament hooks, consider tying the embellishments to your tree with a ribbon.
  19. Decoration hooks cause many injuries to children and pets every year.
  20. When felling a live tree, be sure to dispose of it quickly and correctly. Try to knock down the tree just before the tree pick-up date in your city.

With a little planning and a little common sense, you can enjoy your Christmas tree while still keeping yourself and your family safe. Remember that good tree safety means a happy holiday season for everyone involved.

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